We are celebrating the Week of the Young Child from April 7 – 11, 2014.  We have planned special events for every day.  Please check the list below to know what to send with your child each day.  The children and staff really enjoy all the activities to celebrate how important we are in the life of a child!

Monday — Rainbow Day
Wear your favorite color!  We will have fun colored treats for snacks and make colorful projects.

Tuesday — Favorite Snack  & Lunch Day
Bring your favorite snack to day care for morning snack — just for yourself.  Day care will still serve snack if needed.  We will also be making a favorite day care lunch recipe book.

Wednesday — Sport Day and Staff & Parent Appreciation Day.
Children: Wear your favorite sports team jersey.  Parents & Staff: Enjoy a Muffin and coffee, milk or juice for breakfast with your child when you drop them off at day care (or take one with you!)

Thursday — Beach / Hawaiian Day
Wear your flip-flops (today only and please bring shoes for outside), sun glasses, bright clothes, etc.

Friday — Pajama Day
Wear pj’s all day! We will still be going outside so bring clothes if necessary.